Page 633

Between Monday’s page and this page, I think they’ve looked a bit more dynamic.  I think Friday’s page is looking good too, but so far it’s just the inks.  I’m thinking it will look better once it’s been toned and lettered.  That always helps a lot.

Looks like just saying “You can’t do that” to AF isn’t really seen as a deterrent so much as a challenge.  Seems as if Mika may just regret telling her she can’t do something, as she does appear to want to prove him wrong.  That will probably be a painful lesson for him.

Today’s page was penciled while I was at work last Friday, then inked while listening to the Steve Austin UNLEASHED podcast with Vader.   Good stuff right there.

I should really take some time and put up some links to the podcasts I listen to, although I have no idea if any of you are actually interested in such things.  still, may be something to do anyway.