Page 709!

Another day, another title-less page (or at least that’s the case as I’m writing this.  Maybe by the time I get done with the author comments I’ll have come up with a title.).

Still not entirely sure how I feel about Mika’s Mom’s outfit here.  When I first came up with it I thought it was pretty good, then I finished that page and wasn’t so sure… and that feeling continues today, but it ‘s not like I could just have her change outfits in the middle of the scene so it stays.  On the other hand, I really like Angelique’s outfit, so it balances things out a bit.

I do like the antagonistic relationship between Angie and Mika’s Mom.  I guarantee that Angie still holds a grudge from the whole trial thing, and not without reason.  It’s nice to have Angie being a bit more hostile towards someone now and again.